2015–2017 | Part of #Evidence

Neutrals is a set of 7 sculptures out of metal and prints on different kinds of plastics, such as PVC, vinyl and latex. The images on the prints are taken from screenshots of the TSA’s Instagram feed showing neatly displayed groups of confiscated items, mainly weapons. For documentation, the identity cards of the contraband owners were part of the display, but for privacy reasons they were always blurred up to a point where even the gender or race of the person were no longer discernible. Kruithof took out just those blurred ID cards and printed them on the different plastics.  The metal constructions which the prints are laying or stretched on form the sculptural bodies of a new physical existence, parallel to the original digital existence as images on an Instagram account.  The metal shapes appear to have a de-humanized emotionality equal to the imagery added to them.


10.06.–30.07.2016 Neutral (solo), Jo van de Loo, Munchen, Germany