I love the medium of an artist-book, because it is very unique and liberating. An artist book does not have a geographical location or opening and closing hours. Anyone can enjoy it wherever and whenever. Artist-books are intimate, one can almost feel like being part of them. Through opening a book, a viewer enters its universe. That is why artist-book making is so interesting to me, and an important part of my art-practice too. Here you can see 13 books and various special editions and printed ephemera that I have published so far.

Anouk Kruithof is a frenetic artistbook-maker and an artbook-lover. She use to publish some of her self-published books under the stresspress.biz label, but at this moment this bookshop is the ideal platform to show and sell her books and printed ephemera. Anouk Kruithof also collaborates with various international publishing houses.

If you order books here, you should know only once per week books will be mailed out, so don’t expect a super fast delivery, the reason for doing this, is to keep the shipping costs as low as possible. If you are a bookshop or have special requests or want to make a deal, proposal or swap: please email mail@anoukkruithof.nl