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FuturDome is pleased to announce the opening of the first solo exhibition in Italy by Dutch artist Anouk Kruithof. The show consists of a dozen new photographic-sculptures, two large-scale collages and a video, all of which address the ongoing fear of the impact of globalization, technological consumerism and pollution of land and sea surface, considered the skin of our planet.

Anouk Kruithof: Perpetual Endless Flow, embodies how the incessant flow and consumption of digital photographic images gradually alienates us from our physical reality.

The dystopian world that the Anthropocene will bequeath to the future is a crucial focal point for Kruithof’s work as well as the investigation of the online iconographic representation of urgent social issues. In the current geological era, one of the main unaccounted aspects is violence, not only physical violence but also the violence of “nonbeing”, that is, exclusion from the category “human”.

The trash / human hybrid sculptures presented in FuturDome function as reference to our way of dealing with the malfunction and degradation of ourselves and our planet. Mutated anthropomorphic forms inhabit dismembered bodies-structures materialize from the flow of images that according to Kruithof, illuminate the nerves of our alarming time.

Each sculpture carries an affective skin that shows a status of various urgent actual issues, which you could read as a scream for care, action or change. It’s precisely this thin photographic skin that represents in Kruithof’s works what psychologists call emotional skin, to that protection that defends us from the critique of the other and protects the boundaries of one’s own individuality.

For this solo exhibition Kruithof started recycling a collection of polystyrene packaging from electronic devices that she combined with human shapes into a series of sculptures. These thousands of images, extracted from the digital sphere, are subjected to critical scrutiny by translating them into her own three-dimensional visual idiom in which she bridges the gap between the tangible world and the way it manifests itself online.

Kruithof’s sculptures are both unnerving and seductive, revealing traces of unfamiliar/uncanny shapes of human presence. Artificial and hybrid forms where a misunderstanding of the malformed body lurks. Therefore as a visible form exposed to the incorporeal gaze, but this supremacy itself obeys the eye only to the extent that a haptic intuitionism comes to complete it, to fill it, to satisfy the intentional movement of a desire, as a desire for presence.


15.09.2021—27.11.2021 FuturDome (solo), Milan, Italy