Transformagic is a fluid exhibition that functions as a transformation from Kruithof’s artist-book Automagic into the three-dimensional space. Various images out of Automagic were printed on PVC curtains, fabrics, plexiglas, and paper. During Kruithof’s stay in Ljublijana she found various objects at flea-markets, recycling facilities and secondhand shops, in the streets and the trash. She modified and re-used the found objects as supports to create this not fixed solo exhibition Transformagic.

The exhibition is lively and fluid, a spontaneous in-situ installation implemented as multi-layered sculptures which demonstrate ingenuity, adventurousness, and the infinite possibilities of the medium of photography. Except for the photo-prints, all materials and objects used in the exhibition are recycled. For the opening in Ljublijana, Kruithof invited the local musicians group Olfamostvo to play on their self-made instruments, which echoed the re-used objects in the artworks.  She organized each performer to wear a monochromatic outfit in relation to the colors of the 10 books out of which Automagic exists. Playing throughout the space, they were a set of living sculptures in dialog with the Transformagic sculptures.



27.09.–31.12.2018: solo exhibition and performance at Fotopub Society for Contemporary Culture, Ljubljana, Slovenia
02.11.2019–12.01.2020: solo exhibition at Heden, The Hague, the Netherlands