7-13 August 2020, Komplot at Chateau Nour in Bruxelles, Belgium

During the heatwave in Bruxelles I’ve did a small social intervention in Flor Maesen ‘s wonderful social art project The Land of the Confused which was part of his 8 week long residency at Komplot at Chateau Nour in Anderlecht, Bruxelles. 

I borrowed the Watermonster from the organization Pool is Cool who tries to change the fact that there are no public outdoor pools in Bruxelles, which is the only city in Europe that does not have this. As a small alternative they invented these Watermonsters for people to rent to give their children at least some cooling water fun outside. 

It was true fun water ballet pleasure for quite some kids out the neighborhood of my studio which is around the corner of Komplot, Chateau Nour in Bruxelles. Mother Nature ended the week with a huge storm that almost felt if it was a true watermonster.