Concealed Matter(s) is a series of wall-sculptures where screenshot’s taken from the Instagram feed of the TSA (Transportation Security Agency) form the source. Among these documents of confiscated weapons, some include the blurred-out identification cards of the individuals whose weapons were seized. The software used to blur the ID cards distorts the subjects into a smear of color in which race and sex are indistinguishable. In the Concealed Matter(s) works, Kruithof has enlarged these individual blurred ID images onto thin sheets of latex, and draped them these flexible, translucence photos over metal security camera mounts protruding from the wall.


13.12.2017–27.01.2018 Chapter 3, The Image of Control, Foto Forum, Bolzano, Italy
17.11.–22.12.2016 Au-delà de l’image, galerie Valeria Cetraro, Paris, France