• 28 pages of various size

  • 6.625 x 7.875 inch

  • Custom side stapled

  • Color offset with gatefold and various inserts

  • Concept, text and images: Anouk Kruithof

  • Read “A Head With Wings” fictional story (Dutch/English)

  • Design: Hans Seeger

  • Publisher: Little Brown Mushroom, Minneapolis, USA

  • Dutch/English, 2011

  • Edition 1000

A HEAD WITH WINGS can be seen as cross-pollination between object, pop-up book, installation and publication. The publication is published with Little Brown Mushroom, a small publishing house ran by photographer Alec Soth. He invites photographers to make a publication in a series with a predetermined format, cover and binding. Moreover, there is the mandatory use of text (storytelling). In this publication you’ll find photos of handmade 3d stage-sets made out of Anouk Kruithof’s automagic archive. There is no found footage used and no Photoshop. You’ll find photos of a man, which she has ever made in a park in Berlin in 2008. This man seemed to be very much in his own inner world, far away from reality. Anouk made cut outs of these pictures and combined them with other material from her automagic archive, pasted them on cardboard, rearranged them and photographed the whole. The result is a depth, which is barely perceptible and works a bit alienating. Add to this the equally remarkable backgrounds of beams and rocks and you have a photo hallucinatory trip. The story – which is only partially aligned with the images – contributes greatly to the trip. (the source for this text are the words of Lise Lotte ten Voorde, read full review HERE).

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