• Cover folded A1 poster + folded A3 poster inside

  • Size: A4

  • 42 pages

  • Book-concept: Anouk Kruithof, Jo van de Loo & Quentin Walesch

  • Design: Quentin Walesch

  • Documentation photography: Constanza Melendez & Pim Top

  • Text: Christoph Sehl

  • Translation German-English: Bavand Behpour

  • Translation German-Dutch:  Abel Minnee & Chantal Hattink-Maschke

  • Self-published & Galerie Jo van de Loo, Munchen, August 2016

  • Edition 200

Neutral (2016) is the first sort-of-catalogue by Anouk Kruithof which consists out of the group of works entitled: Carry On (out of the project #Evidence, 2015) together with works from her latest series, Neutrals (2015) and Concealed Matter(s) (2016), the first consisting of metal structures combined with images printed on PVC, vinyl and latex, and the second made up of images printed on latex, draping over security camera bracket arms. Those prints are based on TSA Instagram images of neatly displayed groups of confiscated items, mainly weapons.

The identity cards of the contraband owners were part of the display, but for privacy reasons they were blurred to a point where the gender or race of the person was no longer recognizable. The artist printed images of these identity cards on different flexible materials. The metal constructions, on which the prints hang, constitute the sculptural bodies of a new physical existence. This serves as a parallel to the original digital existence of images on Instagram accounts. The metal structures appear to have a de-humanized emotionality equal to the imagery added to them.

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